Teradata offload to GCP

Client challenges

Project scope

Our client is a major retail player who wished to offload Teradata jobs to Google Cloud Platform for a cost effective and scalable data warehouse architecture.

Our Solution

Offload Teradata

Datametica helped the client to offload their Teradata Data Warehouse to GCP. As part of this engagement, we began with an assessment of the current system using Eagle, an accelerator for automated workload analysis. The analysis helped to build consensus among stakeholders and decision makers for the design of a Complete Migration Strategy.

A high-level approach in this case involved:

  • Migration of Storage Layer
  • Migration of Processing Layer with Required Optimizations
  • Migration of Analytics/Access Layer
  • Continuous Data Validation through direct comparison of the workload data on both Teradata platform and GCP using Pelican

                                                                           Google Cloud Products We Used:

GCP products we used



GCP is scalable to handle unpredicted demand patterns

User Migration 

Seamless User Migration through well-defined Collaboration

User friendly

User-friendly tools that contribute to higher productivity

Better performance

Enables Advance Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Automated plan

An automated plan based on the output reports