State Auto
Data Warehouse
Migration to GCP

∙ In order to enable next generation analytics needs, State Auto was required to migrate their legacy data warehouse to the Google Cloud platform

∙ With their existing Netezza infrastructure, they faced frequent performance and scalability issues, while paying high hardware and license fees

∙ GCP was the best-suited platform for State Auto as it was imperative to make the desired transaction swiftly with Netezza’s end-of-life due in 5 months

∙ With automation technologies, extensive production experience and accelerator repository, we achieved this in just 4 months.

∙ We also optimized the data model for improved performance


With Datametica the migration process, from Netezza to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) was completed within 4 months.

Other solution providers had quoted 12 months.
Resolved issues include:

∙ Analysis of the existing data warehouse to reveal the complexity, data flow and overall existing system design along with planning the detailed migration

∙ Foundation set up ∙ Migrated complex undocumented Netezza workloads and Informatica ETL jobs to GCP and BigQuery through automation with Datametica’s accelerators

∙ Integrated and migrated SAS and other data users/consumers to BigQuery

∙ Data validation during parallel runs using Datametica Pelican

∙ Decommissioned Netezza Warehouse

Operational &
Advanced Analytics

Predictive Analytics
(Future Readiness)

Media Analytics


Media Analytics