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Business Intelligence

Data! Data! & more Data! This has become the realm of today’s world. That’s not enough, heterogeneous sources, unstructured data format, exigent data quality issues are few of the other challenging nightmares for any organization to be able to harness data for business insight effectively.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehouse (DWH) provides modus operandi to abridge the information discovery from tarnished raw data. Organizations need for matured BI & DW framework has become necessity to facilitate business growth.

Typical Business Intelligence & DW maturity model is shown in the adjacent diagram. There are different levels from level 0 to level 5 which are shown.

Organizations to be able to efficiently use the data and be able to grow their business in the current dynamic market, needs to aim to be at the highest maturity level of BI & DW. They should be able analyze the historical information and also carry out the data discovery exercise for hidden business insight in order to sustain and extend the business.

Organizations should also understand that the business has paucity of time and need for precision of the information as the strategic business decisions would be based on the BI & DW framework. This implies that the solution should be robust, reliable & scalable and have high performance.

The efficiency and ability of the organizations to collect, store, process and quickly extract actionable insights that enable and empower the organization to generate business value and achieve better competitive edge in the market.

BI & DW Maturity Model

BI & DW Offerings

DataMetica offers consulting, implementation and support services including Business Intelligence road map creation, Data Warehousing Implementation, Analytics, Data Quality and Master Data Management helping organizations to take advantage of the data and assist them take strategic and tactical levels decisions.

Our BI experts bring deep understanding and experience across business domain and technology which help companies to optimize and leverage their existing IT investments, understand their data and unearth the hidden insights through a suite of services across data warehousing, analytics, data discovery initiatives.

Few of the services in consulting, implementation and support areas are shown below, please note that this is not the exhaustive list and we are flexible for customized business models meeting client’s requirements:


  • BI & DWH Strategy
  • BI Healthcheck
  • BI maturity assessment
  • BI & DWH Architecting and consulting
  • Data Quality / MDM /PDM
  • Customer Analytics


  • DWH Implementation
  • Data Quality & MDM Implementation
  • DWH Reporting, Dashboard Implementation
  • Data Migration Implementation


  • 24*7 Support Models
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Production support
  • Release and change support
We provide Technology Solutions covering BI & DWH specific product solutions for the entire BI technology landscape which includes
  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehouse (EDW, Data Marts, Dimensional Modeling, Multi-tier architecture, Staging layer etc)
  • Data Dissemination (Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, Ad-hoc, Dashboards, Geographic Information Systems etc)
We have expertise in multiple industry domains including retail, telecom, financial sector, Health, Hospitality sectors and could provide industry specific solutions like Customer analytics, Marketing Mix optimization, Churn Analysis, Cross / Up-sell, Product Assortment & optimization etc matching the business needs.

It goes without saying that all our solutions and services are based on 3 Ps methodology ensuring Pioneering methodologies, Preeminent technologists and Paramount technologies.

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