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Big Data Professional Services

It is very important to layout the architecture as per your unique requirement. It requires a focused, highly analytical, use-case driven approach that organizations need to be seriously committed to. As early adopters and implementers of Hadoop in Big Data, DataMetica team has been through several trial and error situations, and acquired a depth of practical knowledge. This has led to an in-house designed structured, proven blueprint that will optimally take you through the process operationalizing your Hadoop cluster and start getting value out of Big Data initiatives.

These are services offered by DataMetica:

  • Create Hadoop application architecture
  • Create data integration methodology
  • Create data processing methodology
  • Create and implement security strategy
  • Create performance tuning, compression, decompression strategy
  • Document Scheduler configurations
  • Document data-serving and result-publishing methodologies
  • Create deployment architecture
  • Perform exhaustive Data Discovery and source system analysis
  • Design and develop data ingress and egress
  • Create Data store design.
    • Data modeling
    • Schema design
    • Partitioning
    • Archival
  • Design and implement data processing jobs

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