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Big Data Platform Services

Platform engineering is the core of every Big Data implementation. After an intensive study, we work out your baseline platform architecture, and select the various technologies coming together in your Hadoop environment. This is followed by careful configuration and installation. We continue to stay with you with performance tuning, and an upgrade commitment.

Platform Design and Sizing

After your Use Cases are finalized at the Strategy Workshop, the first step is to work out the architecture objectives. With this, we plan and design the Hadoop cluster based on your key scenarios. DataMetica will work closely with your internal IT team to design and select the precise hardware, network and software distributions for your Big Data implementation. DataMetica will author a comprehensive baseline platform architecture document.

Environment Configuration

Hadoop is a multi-node distributed system, and naturally, multiple technologies come into play. To consistently get maximum throughput from the cluster, your environment should be expertly configured. This means everything from IT resources, assets and controls need to be aligned. With our experience of managing very big Hadoop clusters for different industries, DataMetica experts have the know-how to simplify intricacies that shroud a Hadoop environment configuration.

Installation and configuration

Hadoop has more than 3K configurations to provide flexibility and control to the user. DataMetica will provide, install and configure all the components as mentioned in the base line architecture document. These are the ones that were carefully chosen to meet your particular Hadoop application usage situation. We will also integrate this system with your source and target system to get you started on the Big Data journey.

Performance Tuning and Trouble-shooting

In a large system implementation like Hadoop, the performance can drop due to malfunctioning hardware, software or network component. We will benchmark and stress test your Hadoop cluster and sort out issues in hardware and software, to measure its performance. The DataMetica team of experts and engineers will work with your internal IT team to isolate and resolve any platform performance problem.

Installation and configuration of other ecosystem tool

For a truly capable Big Data system, in addition to the core Hadoop component, several software projects need to be installed and configured. These may work towards data integration, transformation, governance or management. You also need the ability to query the databases as per your requirement and perform complex analytics. For this, DataMetica will help you install and configure projects like sqoop, flume, Hive, Hue, Pig, Mahout etc.

Cluster Upgrade

There is remarkable value being generated out of Big Data implementations. Big Data technology is continuously morphing and the frequency of upgrades is poised to increase. The result is multiple high value minor and major product releases. DataMetica will work as your partner for all your cluster hardware and software upgrade needs. We will also provide knowledge assistance to your internal IT team for minor upgrades if required.

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