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Big Data Advisory Services

We take you through the first steps into Big Data via a structured approach broken down into digestible phases.  Our Advisory Service Consultants are Big Data experts who will address all your uncertainties, familiarize you with the Big Data possibilities, then work with you to identify business value opportunities and use-cases for implementation.

Executive education

As you tread the deep waters of Big Data, you will have a lot of questions. Our early executive education session will answer all of them. The aim is to acquaint you with Big Data, and give you an idea about how your organization can start, implement and benefit from a Hadoop solution. To do this, our technologists will hash up the issue of Big Data, debunk myths, sift through the hype and get down to the real issues. You will voice your doubts and uncertainties, and we will give you honest answers each and every time

This is a broad outline of the topics covered in our Executive Education session:

  • What is Big Data?
  • How is it relevant to you? Possible use-cases based on your specific industry and business thrust.
  • Technology overview
    • The Big Data Technology stack – an overview
    • How it could fit into your current IT landscape
  • What it takes to get started

Strategy workshop

We bring focus into your big data initiatives right from the evaluation stage. Our strategy workshops will take you through Big Data situations that will add specific value to you. In parallel, our team will assess your current IT implementation. We will then brainstorm with you to suggest/evaluate and then validate use-cases through a focused, systematic approach. Our aim is to work backwards – from what you expect from your Big Data output, to how to achieve it.

This is what we can achieve together on completing a Strategy Workshop:

  • Select the precise business opportunities for you in Big Data – pinpoint and prioritize which big data outcomes are most important for your business
  • Assess your current IT landscape
  • Discuss how to transition with minimum disruption, yet maximize success!
  • Use case discovery and validation; Select 1-2 use case/s for POC
  • Conceptual Design/Reference Architecture – with specifics on how your technological landscape will be affected.

Roadmap Development

DataMetica will create a comprehensive roadmap with multiple phases for successful Hadoop adoption in the organization. This roadmap will take into consideration all the inputs gathered from executive education and strategy workshops, and will have recommendations against various finding. This roadmap will be specifically customized for your unique organization needs.

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