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Big Data Services

Big Data is not just about velocity, volume, veracity and variety. It is about how you identify the right information from data that is growing exponentially, and use it to add business value. Hadoop is a low cost, but dependable solution to tackle your big data problems. However, don’t expect great results by just getting your Big Data project underway. It requires a focused, highly analytical, use-case driven approach that organizations need to be seriously committed to. That’s when you can transform your big data into what it is meant to give you – smart information that directly translates into mind-blowing efficiencies, returns and growth!


We know Big Data, and we have been getting our hands dirty with Hadoop for the last 4 years. As early adopters and implementers of Hadoop in Big Data, we have been through several trial and error situations, and acquired a depth of practical knowledge. This has led to an in-house designed structured, proven blueprint that will take you through the process of setting up your Hadoop implementation, and make it work for you and your company.

Big Data
Advisory Services

Our Advisory Service Consultants take you through the first steps into Big Data via a structured approach broken down into digestible phases.

Big Data
Platform Services

Platform engineering is the core of every Big Data implementation. We work from the ground up to evaluate, install, configure and performance tune.

Big Data
Professional Services

DataMetica uses a focused, highly analytical, use-case based approach to layout the architecture as per your unique requirements

Big Data
Support Services

Our technical support engineers are highly qualified, with their collective knowledge covering every component of Big Data installation.

Clients and Partners

Our partners work closely with us to augment our efforts, and bring our clients a complete solution. Together, we work to provide the level of services required to realise quality implementations and business value!

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