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Our Products

DataMetica Products are derived from years of successful Big Data implementation experience to addresses client needs. Our innovations have been maturing through experience in real-world production systems. DataMetica products enable governance and efficiency through design excellence and deliver unparalleled organizational productivity.


Enterprise Catalog (eCat) is a highly configurable, comprehensive business suite with a made-to-measure offering that facilitates all activities related to Big Data Enterprise Metadata Management. Data management professionals and their organizations use eCat to ascertain data quality, data lineage, data audit and to monitor data health. eCat brings life to data in a business context, it facilitates users to drive value from data and metadata. It can model data via both forward and reverse engineering techniques to enable users to use Data Hub/Lake data more effectively and to realize their business use cases. eCat has rich REST API’s to work with other data governance tools for seamless integration.

App Features

• Data Modeling

• Forward Engineering/Reverse Engineering

• Data Lineage and Data Balancing

• Data Profiling

• Platform Statistics

• Multiple Interactive Reports

Innovation & Flexibility

• Highly Configurable
• Ability to pull in existing Metadata for Data Governance
• Alignment of Platform Usages with Business Context


• Impact Analysis
• Traceability
• Single Platform for Data Modeling across Data stores
• Data Health Check Dashboard


DM-Analyze is the only Enterprise Class Cloud Self-Service Analytics platform with strong governance and oversight. DM-Analyze helps users interactively and dynamically to select the tools needed for the analytics job in-hand. It provides a “Data Marketplace” shopping experience to ad-hoc users in an intuitive user interface. In this web user interface, administrators also control access to data, user profiles, compute engines and visualization tools available to users. In addition, users select the data, compute and visualization tools they need for their work in a fluid and dynamic environment. Users now have self-service access to the data and tools they needs in order to derive meaningful insight from the data in a cost effective manner which can scale almost infinitely. It enables administrators to manage costs, system contention, tools available, see billing actuals spend by user and group and projection and much more.

Start small and grow as you need

Self-Service Analytics

Enterprise-Scale | Cloud-based

Cloud Integration and Management

Enterprise Data Hub Architecture

Fast Deployment and Changes

Enterprise Class Design

Flexible and Scalable

Cost Effective and Incremental

Real Time

Strong Governance

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