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DataMetica expands its capacity in US and India

DataMetica expands its capacity in US and India

June, 2015
DataMetica, one of the largest pure-play Big Data solution providers, has expanded its capacity to 250 seats in its Pune delivery center. The firm has more than 5 years of Big Data production experience with a dedicated Center of Excellence for Big Data. DataMetica has built strong competencies and solution accelerators to minimize project time, effort and cost for clients. DataMetica is committed to hire and develop the finest Big Data experts to keep up with the fast-paced growth in its clientele. DataMetica is also investing in a number of ‘first-of-its-kind’ Products, aiming to establish an ever more responsive and innovative solution suite for its clients.

DataMetica has opened its first US sales and customer service office in Illinois. Located in Chicago, DataMetica Solutions Inc. supports the Company’s US sales and partnership team, growing the customer base and strategic focus on the US market. The US operation is headed by Dr. Phil Shelley (former CTO of Sears Holdings) who is a President at DataMetica Solutions Inc.

Dr. Phil Shelley stated, “The addition of our US office is a natural progression of our US sales and marketing strategy and is a key milestone in our growth curve.”

About DataMetica Solutions
As the emerging leader in efficient, performance-driven open source Big Data and Analytics solutions, DataMetica uses a focused, highly analytical, use-case based approach and a customer-centric strategy that always works.

The strength of its solution lies in the phased approach from Advisory, Platform and Professional Services, right up to Advanced Support solutions. Customers are treated to DataMetica’s home-grown methodologies perfected over several large-scale Data Management and Analytics installations.

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