Path Analytics


Client challenges

Project scope

Our client is an American retail giant who wanted to increase sales on their e-commerce website by tracking the click path of customers and performing analytics on that data.


Upselling & Analytics

Datametica implemented a solution that helped our client understand the click path followed by customers who make a purchase on the website. A comparative analysis is carried out with the click path of the customers who don't make a purchase so that they can be helped navigate the website in a manner leading to sales conversion.

Datametica devised two ways for this conversion:

  • Upselling: We track top landing pages (where customer lands) and top fall out pages (where customer exits), and then drive them to the next slab through attractive offers.

Analytics: Comparative study of Average clicks per session vs. Average session duration.


Improved Website Experience
Improved Website Response Time
Tools / Technologies
  • Datameer
  • Hive