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Netezza offload to
Google Cloud Platform

Client challenges
Our client, a major fashion retailer in the USA having nearly 750+ stores around the country, wanted to retire IBM Netezza licenses and hosted solution for analytics using Aginity. The main drivers were:

  • Complex architecture spread across disparate systems
  • Slow ETL pipeline leading to frequent SLA miss
  • Data quality severely affected
  • High Dependency on Aginity due to their hosted solution
  • Integration with Enterprise and other 3rd party systems
  • Legacy system misfit for the organizational objective of the next generation architecture

Expiry of the annual contract with Aginity was a short of 10 weeks away, requiring a fast-paced migration to Google cloud.

Our solution:
With the automation, reusable code and extensive experience, Datametica accomplished the migration to Google Cloud within 9 weeks.

  • Quick Assessment to structure the movement of workload, users and data to GCP
  • Robust Foundation to set up Solution Architecture, Cloud Provisioning (DevOps), Security, Governance, Data Architecture, CI/CD pipeline
  • Datametica Data Ingestion Framework (DIF) also known as Condor, led to fast-paced database and file-based ingestion
  • Data Model made compatible with BigQuery
  • Custom code translation to move code from Aginity/Netezza to GCP
  • Data reconciliation between Netezza and BigQuery facilitated by our proprietary tool (Pelican) without any data movement
  • BigQuery and SAS Integration for data consumption

Google Cloud Products We Used:

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Client Benefits:
Scalability : Google Cloud Platform is scalable to handle unpredicted demand patterns

Better performance : Enables Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Productive & Cost effective : Reduced development time and cost. User-friendly tools that contribute to higher productivity Enables high securitySupports Disaster recovery and provisions high availability