Mobile Coupon Analysis


Client challenges

Project Scope

The world’s largest fast-food chain, based in North America, was piloting a new mobile app and running campaigns to increase sales by offering coupons to be redeemed through the Mobile App. The challenge was to analyze the effectiveness of this campaign, including analysis of the coupon redemption data along with many millions of rapidly changing sales transactions. This could not be done on a timely basis on Teradata.


Mobile coupon analysis

Datametica was involved in building a mobile coupon analysis solution using a Big Data platform. The data was sourced/ingested and processed, applying complex business rules to identify and analyze the effectiveness and usage of the mobile coupons. The client wanted both on-premise and AWS cloud versions to compare cost and performance.


Enable analyzing

Enables the marketing team to analyze the effectiveness of the promotions


Facilitate design

Facilitates the design of more productive campaigns/promotions


Targeted interaction

Enables personalized and targeted interaction and campaigns based on the usage patterns of coupons, leading to improved upsell and cross sell


Facilitated upsell and cross-sell

Meets performance requirements of this real-time mobile environment Adapted to run on AWS Greater cost savings than from legacy data warehouse