Datametica’s solutions on Microsoft Azure bring elasticity to its infrastructure, increased efficiencies, standardized business processes, best in class technologies, reduced application delivery time and increased stability and scalability. This partnership offers highly automated data migration and management services in Big Data to ensure quality, governance, and the right storage strategy for customers intending to move their data into Microsoft Cloud. We are focusing on building foundations for Big Data ecosystems, strategy and implementation of Big Data governance, along with Advanced Analytics and Data Science capabilities for our customers on Microsoft Cloud that are responsive to their business needs, fast and cost effective. Teaming with Microsoft, Datametica and our partners give you the following advantages:

  • Microsoft provides Datametica a cloud platform to build the Big Data ecosystem with a variety of tools, training, and support that provides our customers more efficient solutions on Microsoft Azure.
  • Migration to cloud with ease of management, insights and micro services that sharply reduces our development lifecycle and the total cost of ownership.
  • Building Modern Data Platforms using Big Data technologies on Azure Cloud offers simplicity and great user experience, with extensive leverage of open source technology.