Image and Graphics publishing – Header Distribution

Client challenges Project Scope A leading Internet-based image publishing service, the client wanted to find out the percentage distribution of all image metadata headers over a time dimension. These attributes are dynamic in nature as they vary with different makes and models of imaging and camera equipment. Solution Hadoop model Datametica built a solution to model the data on Hadoop. The data is ingested into Hadoop every hour and analytics is carried out on these ...
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Owner Profile

Client challenges Project Scope The client is a leading Internet-based photographic image publishing service who wanted to run complex analytics to provide metrics regarding the number of image uploads by geography, make/model of camera, and many more parameters. Solution Data system Datametica helped the client to build a one-stop view of the following details at one place:
  • Geographic location data, make and model of camera product
  • Owner/customer information
  • Image metadata
Benefits Increased visibility ...
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Customer Behaviour and Marketing Analytics

Client challenges Project scope A leading soda manufacturing company wanted to capture data from their high-tech vending machines with touch screen interfaces that allow individual users to mix their own soft drinks. Our client wanted to perform analytics on geographical trends and the type of mixtures customers were using to create their drinks. They also wanted to analyze this data to make decisions related to servicing the units and delivery of syrup refills. Their Teradata ...
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