Insider Trading (Stock Exchange)



One of the largest stock exchange

Our client is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world by market capitalization, with more than 5,500 companies publicly listed on it. It is a major provider of integrated claims management services and claims review services



Datametica built a model based on big data technologies for detecting the hikes within the ‘boundaries of profit’ for a specified period. This model detects and investigates the known fraud types within the list of announcements and understands the fraud by detecting an abnormal profit scenario.

This model was trained further with more and more input of anomalous activities for more accuracy to separate the suspicious activities from typical legitimate activities.

It is an easy-to-use and editable rules engine that can be used by business users to design, build and test rules. Users with the appropriate authorizations may refine or create rules and parameters at any time as new threats emerge, new types of frauds occur, or when any business change dictates.


Combat fraud

Ability to combat the full spectrum of insider trading fraud

Faster results

Improved investigation through faster results

Intuitive Alert Management
Identify paths

Identification of Undiscovered paths of connection

Business drivers

The client historically had trouble catching insider trading violations. They wanted to analyze trading activity in relation to major events like earning reports and mergers through announcements made by their listed companies.

The aim was to build a rigid mechanism to combat illegal insider trading which led to the lack of faith in the exchange market.