SAS Offload

Client challenges Project Scope Our client is a large financial services customer headquartered in the US. They wanted to cut down on their operational cost by offloading their SAS models to Hadoop. Solution Migrating & building new models Datametica assisted the client in the following ways:
  • Migrated the existing SAS model to Hadoop
  • Migrated model execution to PIG/Hive/H2O
  • Building new statistical models in Hadoop
  • Applied new training data and test Data to the models
  • ...
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Insider Trading

Client One of the largest stock exchange Our client is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world by market capitalization, with more than 5,500 publicly listed companies. Solution Detecting price change model Datametica built a model based on big data technologies to detect price changes outside acceptable boundaries. Phase 1 Detecting frauds This model detects and investigates known fraud types by comparing real-time news of announcements and social messaging feeds and then uses ...
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