Data lake Implementation



Leading provider of physical therapy

The client is a leading provider of research-based physical therapy and rehabilitation. Client wanted to build data lake

Project scope

The client wanted to rebuild Data lake to improve the effectiveness of healthcare by in the following areas:

  • Reducing operation costs
  • Rebuilding their data lake to avoid data replication to serve different systems
  • Simplify the warehousing process.


Data warehouse model redesign

Datametica built a new Data Lake which acts as single point of truth and reduces data replication efforts to serve different downstream applications. The model will bring down operation and licensing costs, and establish easy process across different teams.


Data sanitization/data reconciliation track

Datametica built a data sanitization/data reconciliation track, which involved ingesting the visits, data validation, exception handling and de-duplicating records.


Decrease costs

The redesigned model brought down the operation costs by a huge margin

Efficient & Accurate

The new model was able to churn the output in an efficient and accurate manner

Single point of truth

Simple data model and single point of truth, acting as consumption point for different applications