Data lake Implementation



Leading insurance provider in the USA

Our client is the most significant insurance provider in the US,  with over decades of industrial recognition.

Project scope

Client was looking at reviving their Data Architecture by establishing a well-governed, full-fledged Big Data platform on Cloud for increased agility, lower cost and faster decision making.

Following are some of the critical needs of the client

  • The data lake platform should have functions that include integrated security authorization to the client’s LDAP / AD Authentication
  • Integrate and store data from multiple data sources
  • The data lake platform should be accessible by the client’s analytic toolsets: R, SAS and Tableau


Data warehouse model redesign

Datametica built a single platform on Google Cloud (GCP) which facilitates faster processing, Analytics and AI capabilities for the business use cas


Following are the processes involved :

  • Ingest data from multiple sources into the incoming layer
  • Perform Data Quality checks on the ingested data
  • Apply business logic on clean data for further implementation of analytics Use case
  • Expose data to Big query for further analysis
  • Restrict unauthorized access to data using IAM groups
  • Automation of jobs using JAMS

GCP products used for Netezza Offloading




Easily scalable to accommodate data growth, all types of computing requirements and variety of workloads



High-end security and integration with LDAP / AD Authentication


Single point of truth

Simple data model and the single version of truth, acting as consumption point for different applications