Customer Behaviour and Marketing Analytics


Client challenges

Project scope

A leading soda manufacturing company wanted to capture data from their high-tech vending machines with touch screen interfaces that allow individual users to mix their own soft drinks.

Our client wanted to perform analytics on geographical trends and the type of mixtures customers were using to create their drinks. They also wanted to analyze this data to make decisions related to servicing the units and delivery of syrup refills. Their Teradata Data Warehouse and Oracle database was not fast enough to load the source data from the machines and allow the ability to access the data required to test, allow them to unlock all the possibilities that analysis could provide for marketing purposes.


Data ingesting & EDH

Datametica was involved in ingesting the data and creating the Data Lake/Enterprise Data Hub (EDH). The EDH provided access to their previously inaccessible marketing and sales data.


 Understanding customer

Greater understanding of customer preferences & demands


Vital information

Provision of vital information to create new products



Understanding of patterns

Greater understanding of geography-based usage & demand patterns



Leveraging processed data

Facility to leverage the processed data for sales and service of the high-tech machines