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Dr. Phil Shelley

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The Modern Data Architecture – October 2016 

Past Speaking Events

Cio Retail Summit 
DailyDOOH Coverage 
Recorded CIO Retail Presentation 
Big Data in Retail 
TWDI – Business Value from Hadoop 
Data Management International meting 2012
Fusion 2012 
IDC Cloud Leadership Forum 
Hadoop Summit 
Hollywood Society Meeting 
Hadoop in Finance 
Carnegie Mellon – Presentation to Master Students 
Speed to Cloud and Big Data 
Your data is in Hadoop, now what? 
2012 Infosys Executive Leadership Summit 
Sears Competes On Big Data…. 
US retail giant turns to big data for rescue
Sears Holdings Announces New Venture With Addition Of MetaScale 
After Building Customer Loyalty Program, Sears Looks to Sell Big Data Expertise
Sears competes on big data and loyalty programs
SAP Seen Boosting Cloud To Vindicate SuccessFactors Deal
MetaScale Overview Video
MetaScale Offers Hadoop and HANA in the Cloud
A Powerful Combination for Big Data Work: SAP HANA and Hadoop in the Cloud – (Registration Required)
Demystifying Big Data with SAP HANA and Hadoop – SAP Sapphire Interview with Dr. Phil Shelley
MetaScale Pairs Hadoop, Kognitio Analytical Platform; Offers Rapid “Big Data” Analytics …
Cloudera Partners With Hadoop Managed Services Provider MetaScale
Utopia, Inc. and MetaScale Announce Strategic Partnership
How Sears Uses Big Data to Get a Handle on Pricing
Wall Street Journal – To better compete …
Wall Street Journal – How-sears-uses-big-data-to-get-a-handle-on-pricing
Video – Hadoop Summit – Phil Shelley – Part #1
Video – Hadoop Summit – Phil Shelley – Legacy Rides the Elephant
Podcast – Unlocking value from customer loyalty – Phil Shelley
Sears Startup Spins Managed Hadoop
MetaScale identifies key drivers for Hadoop managed services
Video – Interview – Data scienQ4ce: Mining available info for hidden value
Video – Interview – Avoid data latency with Hadoop, Sears CTO says
Video and Transcript – Big Data science: Mining available info for hidden value
Sony Pictures and Sears Execs to Keynote Digital Marketing and Analytics Summit
Harvard Business Review – Big Data’s Management Revolution
WSJ – Big Companies Open Up To Open-Source Software
MetaScale CEO Phil Shelley joins Kognitio CTO Roger Gaskell to go beyond the hype
Sears’ big data swap lesson: Functionality over price?
Sears eschews IBM/Oracle for open source
Why Sears is going all-in on Hadoop
Why Sears is going all-in on Hadoop – Information Week
Should Sears CTO be building a tech startup? MetaScale
Hollywood IT Society – So you decided to put data in Hadoop, now what?
Information Governance Even More Important In The Era Of Big Data
Sears embraces Hadoop to get better read on customers
Big Data Business Forum 
Big Data Executive Summit 
Chair and Keynote Speaker – Big data CIO Summit 2013
Sears Hadoop Plans: Check Out Data Warehousing’s Future
Big Data Debate: End Near For ETL?
Big Data: Hadoop Causes Rewiring of ETL Processes into ELT Ones
Sears Big Data Initiatives Shorten Project Timelines Up to 70%
Hortonworks – The Retail value of Big Data
How Sears Got Into the Data-Services Game
Winners – Hadoop Summit 2013 – Go faster and Save Millions
Video – Beyond the hype
Award – Top retail 2013 Influentials
Webinar – Hadoop as a Data Hub
Presenter – Demystify Big Data – AITP Chicago March 2013
Governing Board and Presenter – Fusion 2013
Metadata Practices Gaining Momentum
Three “rainmaker CIO” stories
Video – CTO/CEO Dr. Phil Shelley talks about Hadoop and the midmarket Fusion 2013
Will Sears Succeed By Selling Faster Data Solutions to Others?
Advertising Age – How Sears Got Into the Data-Services Game; Retailer Makes Name For Itself in Hadoop
Presenter – Big Data Week – April 2013
Presenter – Teradata Masters Conference, Augusta, April 2013
Presenter – The Changing Face of Retail – 36th Annual Conference, April 2013
Rainmakers: Three CIOs who made revenue generation their business
Live-streaming Presentation – What Can Big Data Do for My Company
Speaker – Demysterfying Big Data – Forrester’s Forum For CIO, EA, Infrastructure – May 2013
Demysterfying Big Data – May 2013
Big Data And The Landfills Of The Digital Enterprise
Chicago Big Data Executive Summit
Sears / powered by Datameer
Why Sears Is Going All-In On Hadoop
Cloudera Declares End Of Data Warehousing Era
Big Data Infographic on market size and trends
Accelerating Time to Value: Consideration for Buy vs. Build
Big Data and How to Start – Technology Executives Club 1st Annual ITLC Summit – August 201
Big Data and Analytics Overview – University of Notre Dame, September 2013
The powerful combination of Cloud and Big Data – IAOP, Minneapolis, September 2013
Big Data Seminar – DePaul University, Chicago – September 17, 2013
Big Data Spectrum | Big Data Spectrum (pdf)
Technology Innovation Summit 201, October 10 in Chicago
Customer Experience for Retail Summit – October 21-23, 2013 in Dallas, TX
Information Technology Management Council – November 11 2013
Guest Presenter – Northerstern University, Kellogg School of Management – Information Systems Program
Business Intelligence and Big Data – November 13 2013
CIO Talk Radio – Developing a Big Data Workforce – December 2013
DAMA – Introduction to Hadoop, Map Reduce and Enterprise use-cases for Hadoop – December 2013
NSA, Companies Made ‘Dysfunctional’ by Data – WSJ January 2014
The enterprise data hub poised to become the heart of data management? – February 2014
NNorthwestern University – Big Data Workshop and Conference – March 1 2014
Fusion 2014 CEO-CIO Symposium, March, 2014 in Madison, WI
DAMA Big Data Meeting, March, Madison, WI
Keynote – Collapse Data Silos for Discovery – Predictive Analytics World, March 16-21, 2014 in San Francisco
Companies Turn to Hadoop to Cut Costs – WSJ March 2014
Achieve the previously impossible, collapse data silos with Big Data Architecture – Big Data Retail Forum – March 2014
The New Data Architecture – IQPC Retail Technology – Chicago, IL – March 2014
Datametica is awarded one of the world’s top 100 Big Data Companies – May 2014
Big Data Week – Live Broadcast – May 2014
Webinar – Data Management for Hadoop in the Enterprise – Presentation available upon request – May 2014
Sears Became a Real-Time Digital Enterprise Due to Big Data
Wal-Mart Boosts E-Commerce in Fight Against Amazon
BI & Data Management – June 19 2014
DAMA – Big Data – July 2014
Is ETL on Life Support? – July 2014
Datametica recognized as top 100 Big Data Companies – Page 57
Datametica recognized as top 100 Big Data Companies – Listing
Big Data Roundtable, Infosys August 2014
Datametica recognized as a Top 20 Big Data Global Company
AITP Data Hub Discussion Group – October 2014
The Enterprise Data Hub – Fidelity Financial Global Data Management Meeting – November 2014
Leveraging Big Data for Deeper Customer Insights and Smarter Retailing – January 2015
Hadoop Data Hub, New Approaches to Data Management and Discovery – TLA – Chicago, February 13 2015
Fusion 2015
AITP Data Management & Analytics SIG – Chicago, March 25 2015
Hadoop Data Hub, New Approaches to Data Management and Discovery – Chicago Booth School of Business – April 2015
Data Integration – Cloud and in-house
Escape Big Data Analytics Conference – Chicago, May 2 2015 – Video
AITP – Chicago, June 9 2015
Sync Magazine, June 2015
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