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Cloud is the latest buzzword across the globe. Organizations are flocking in for upgrading their business platforms from legacy systems to cloud because cloud ecosystem can provide advanced analytics for modern techniques like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics etc. It is also a scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution which can provide quick and easy access. There have been a lot of speculations related to cloud security.

Today’s data-driven business world demands flexibility in terms of availability and accessibility of data across different platforms. As cloud infrastructure can be shared among multiple users, data accessibility in the cloud is a concern. Organizations use several technologies and multiple platforms like the public, private and hybrid cloud which can make it difficult to monitor data, detect anomalies and control unauthorized access. Now, reputed cloud vendors like Google, Microsoft and AWS have solved these problems by implementing access control mechanisms. However, some underlying glitches must be carefully handled during cloud implementations.

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Here are few security threats that need to be considered while moving to the cloud:

Data leakage: The outflow of confidential business-critical information out of your premise is known as Data Leakage. Data Leakage can occur:

  • During the transfer of data from on-premise to cloud and vice versa
  • During the transfer of data from one data center to another data center of the Cloud provider over the public internet
  • Unauthorized physical access to data at the Cloud providers datacenter
  • Data access by other tenants in the shared infrastructure environment
  • Cyber-attack by hackers who find vulnerabilities in cloud services
Data loss: Data loss in business can occur because of

  • Physical infrastructure failure – Disk failure, data center failure, disk damage etc.
  • Mismanagement of data (Loss of encryption keys etc.) at the cloud provider’s end.
Service unavailability:

  • Cloud Managed services going down and impacting business

Securing the cloud ecosystem is crucial to save business-critical information such as corporate and customer data. Any loss in data can adversely affect the organization’s reputation with heavy penalties. Hence, implementing appropriate controls such as data encryption, data masking, data ingestion security, access control, authentication and authorization, access node security, firewall installation etc. can ensure data confidentiality and integrity, thus securing your cloud ecosystem effectively. It is critical to ensure optimum checks while migrating the data, to ascertain a secured foundation of your modern data platform. Datametica helps in migrating and building highly secured data lakes and analytics solutions on cloud.