Work Culture at Datametica


Whenever We think of a “Corporate culture”, the immediate thought that flashes across our mind is Strict dress code and policy, cut-throat work competition between the co-workers. But Now a days we may find that the work environment is changing and at Datametica we believe to look ahead of times. The future work culture needs to be cool, flexible, and self disciplined.

At Datametica, we believe to lure great talents by providing them a work place where they feel motivated and can grow their skill, rather than only picking up their pay checks.

We conduct regular training sessions to educate the young talents as well as the experienced employees. The training sessions are not the regular one, rather they empower the employees to have their own innovative ideas, to be a sport when it comes to doing any activity or job assignment.

We believe in a transparent working culture where anyone can reach anyone irrespective of their rank or the hierarchy, Hence it helps in providing a supportive work environment.

At DM we have kept the working hours flexible to encourage the individual to be self-disciplined.

The Datametica treats each and every employee as a family member where their opinions and ideas are valued.

We encourage employees to take ownership and come up with their suggestion when it comes to any job assignments rather than only following orders .

As our Tag line says See The Invisible…and We really see the hidden aspiration, zeal inside each individual and try to make them feel motivated, valued & empowered so that they grow with the organization.


Blog By

Jaya Chowdhury

Sr. HR Executive

Datametica Solutions Private Limited