Multitasking and Managers


Here at Datametica, I was recruited for the product team. I have worked ON and OFF for the famous team. In quick time, I was pulled in for various projects led by different managers and as much as it has been a roller coaster ride, It continues to be an amazing spell.

Initially, it felt fickle to be a pulled in multiple projects because it seemed that you didn’t fit for one. But then, with time, you realize, how awesomely you are not carved for one. How amazing it is to work on multiple projects with different teams and managers. You experience the variety, contribute, gain and connect.

Neither are you the best that everyone preaches you, Nor are you the under performer that everyone wants to pull off, There is complete resource distribution algorithm which you don’t need to understand.

Transitions aren’t easy. Definitely not those which come frequently. But then again, it is as easy as ‘there isn’t a story’. So you buckle up, accept that change, embrace the change! And put up your ‘A’ game, Every time.

With every change in environment, there is an incredible amount of learning that you can get. Who doesn’t want that? I live for that. And the most prestigious ones have come from the Managers I have had the opportunity to work under. The technical aspects do vary with the project’s outline and you have to crack the challenges but that is not the catch. The real deal is how deeply you involve yourself in each project delivery, not take it as a sideline  on the reason that you are a temporary resource for this task. What learning can you draw from people in the teams, from managers of different teams?

It’s your time to outshine, relate and perform – not just with work but with situations and people. I have worked under Surinder sir, Abhishek Sir, Anand Sir, Vikram Sir, Sandeep Sir, Parashuram Sir and it’s just been one sweet year for me here at Datametica. When you work cross profile, When you work well, Believe me, you get noticed. I have been onsite and more than the requirement it has been the manager’s belief in me.

That belief comes when you are prepared to ‘Go All In’ in every assignment that comes your way. It’s not an everyday affair that Niraj Sir would come up to you, pat you for the amazing profile you are holding  and greet you. But it does happen 😀

So, for all the freshers and the laterals, Take it up. Take up the iconoclastic opportunities that come your way. For you don’t know, what will hit up. You are undiscovered. Take new routes. Welcome the changes, pick up new challenges. Involve yourself in more and Evolve yourself for the best you can be.

#LifeAtDM is amazing. Live it.


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Divya Nanda


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