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Datametica has more than a decade of Data Warehouse and Big Data Platform experience.
We are a global leader in three key areas: the migration of Legacy Data Warehouses
to cloud technologies using sophisticated automation tools, the development of highly
governed Modern Data Platforms (MDP) in the Cloud, and in providing advanced
analytics and AI solutions that derive maximum value from your data.

Our Leadership team

Dr. Phil Shelley


Rajiv Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Niraj Kumar

Global CTO and CPO

Deepak Badhani

Global Delivery Head

Pramod Kejriwal

Head of Delivery

Scott LaCosse


Uday Mathkar

Sales Director

Manish Patel

Sales Director India

Anil Poduval

Head Finance and Admin

Parashuram Bastawade

Director Delivery

Sanjay Desai

Director Delivery

Sandeep Kumar

Director Delivery


To take the frustration and anxiety out of data warehouse migration,
by minimizing the costs and time associated with it.


W- Welcome challenges. I- Invest in relationships. N- Nimble to nurture.
G- Growth accelerators. S- Spirit of adventure.