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Big Data Advisory Services

We take you through the first steps into Big Data via a structured approach broken down into digestible phases.  Our Advisory Service Consultants are Big Data experts who will address all your uncertainties, familiarize you with the Big Data possibilities, then work with you to identify business value opportunities and use-cases for implementation.

Executive education

DataMetica will conduct exhaustive sessions to bring on board the executive team. This will essentially be a BigData overview session delivered by an expert, followed by discussions on specific questions/points as required by the specific client.
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Strategy workshop

A very important initial step in Big Data journey is to identify where and how the Big Data solution can bring value to the customer in short, medium and long term. DataMetica will closely work with your internal IT team in a time bound focused manner to identify strategic business initiative appropriate for Big Data application.
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Roadmap Development

DataMetica will create a comprehensive roadmap with multiple phases for successful Hadoop adoption in the organization. This roadmap will take into consideration all the inputs gathered from executive education and strategy workshops, and will have recommendations against various finding. This roadmap will be specifically customized for your unique organization needs.
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Big Data Platform Services

Platform engineering is the core of every Big Data implementation. After an intensive study, we begin by working out your baseline platform architecture, selecting the various technologies coming together in your Hadoop environment, careful configuration and installation, performance tuning, and an upgrade commitment.

Platform Design and Sizing

After the use case is finalized, the first step is to plan and design the cluster. DataMetica will work closely with your internal IT team to design and select the precise hardware, network and software distributions for your unique requirement. DataMetica will document comprehensive baseline platform architecture.

Environment Configuration

For a multi node distributed system like Hadoop, multiple technologies come into play. In order to consistently get maximum throughput from the cluster, your environment should be expertly configured. Out of their vast experience of managing very big Hadoop cluster, DataMetica provides expert recommendation for configuring your environment for your specific use case.

Installation and configuration

Hadoop has more than 3K configurations to provide flexibility and control to the user. DataMetica will provide an end-to-end installation and configuration of all the services according to the base line architecture document. We will also integrate this system with your source and target system to get you started on the Big Data journey.

Performance Tuning

In a large system implementation like Hadoop, the performance can degrade due to malfunctioning hardware, software or network component. DataMetica team will work with your internal IT team to isolate and resolve any platform performance problem. We will also suggest customized best practices to keep your system healthy and manage consistent high through put.

Installation and configuration of other ecosystem tool

For a truly capable Big Data operational system, in addition to core Hadoop component, there is a need to install and configure other software projects to manage data integration, transformation, governance & management. You also need ability to query this that as per your requirement and do analytics. DataMetica will help you install and configure projects like sqoop, flume, Hive, Hue, Pig, Mahout etc.

Cluster Upgrade

Due to tremendous value being generated out of Big Data implementations and active participation of the community, the technology space is seeing a lot of activity. This result is multiple high value minor and major product releases. DataMetica will actively partner for all your cluster hardware and software upgrade needs. It will also provide knowledge assistance to your internal IT team for minor upgrade as and when required.

Big Data Professional Services

It is very important to layout the architecture as per your unique requirement. It requires a focused, highly analytical, use-case driven approach that organizations need to be seriously committed to. As early adopters and implementers of Hadoop in Big Data, DataMetica team has been through several trial and error situations, and acquired a depth of practical knowledge. This has led to an in-house designed structured, proven blueprint that will optimally take you through the process operationalizing your Hadoop cluster and start getting value out of Big Data initiatives.

These are services offered by DataMetica:

  • Create Hadoop application architecture
  • Create data integration methodology
  • Create data processing methodology
  • Create and implement security strategy
  • Create performance tuning, compression, decompression strategy
  • Document Scheduler configurations
  • Document data-serving and result-publishing methodologies
  • Create deployment architecture
  • Perform exhaustive Data Discovery and source system analysis
  • Design and develop data ingress and egress
  • Create Data store design.
    • Data modeling
    • Schema design
    • Partitioning
    • Archival
  • Design and implement data processing jobs

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