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RC/ORC File Format

Data is big…and it’s growing. Probably not a big surprise for you, but with Big Data becoming a hot topic in business and IT, it has reached a point where it is unavoidable. As data has grown, improved technology has made it feasible to finally manage this infinite amount of information and store it appropriately. […]
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Hadoop Commands

HDFS stands for ‘Hadoop Distributed File System’. The HDFS is a sub-project of the Apache Hadoop project. This Apache Software Foundation project is designed to provide a fault-tolerant file system designed to run on commodity hardware. HDFS is accessed through a set of shell commands which will be discussed in this post. A short note […]
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Hadoop Essential

Today, the most popularly term in IT world is ‘Hadoop’. Within a short span of time, Hadoop has grown massively and has proved to be useful for a large collection of diverse projects. The Hadoop community is fast evolving and has very prominent role in its eco-system. Here is a look at the essential tools […]
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