Why Datametica?

Our solutions will modernize the data architecture and analytics of your business. With

years of real-life operational experience, we help our clients drive business results from

data and reduce costs.

We are:

1. Fast

2. Credible

3. Reliable

Setup Modern Data Platform
(Stock Exchange, BFSI)

A highly scalable platform coupled with big cost savings of up to $1 Million and performance improvement up to 4 times.

Legacy data warehouse offload
(US Retail giant)

Demonstrated Migration of end-to-end Teradata workloads to Hadoop based on Business Criticality and Usage Patterns along with all the required optimizations.

Social media analytics
(Stock Exchange, BFSI)

A robust solution that enhanced market integrity, orderly functioning and investor protection in the Indian Capital Markets.

(Leading Sporting Goods Retailer)

Increased Customer Engagement and ROI on the current investment.

Claims Analysis Model
(Leading Healthcare Analytics Company)

Building a new Claims Analysis Model for a Leading Healthcare Analytics company.

Sentiment Analytics

Analytics of unstructured business data generated from client Customer Service Desk.

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We partner with industry-leading technology evangelists to provide our customers with an

all-inclusive set of solutions. At Datametica, we have the requisite training, certification and

experience to deal with a diverse range of Big Data challenges. Our skilled team of

consultants is equipped to provide quick and relevant solutions based on a customer’s

business requirements and market drivers.

We offer a great workplace that is dedicated to delivering value, ensuring results and delighting clients. We believe that a motivating and rewarding company culture empowers excellence in customer service, delivers value and drives our brand. For Datametica, this means working with passion; for our clients, it translates into quality and speed of delivery.


1. Focus

2. Empathy

3. Knowledge